IR SunShield
Infra Red SunShield (IR SunShield), is a Clear laminated windshield or sun roof.  Which
will not obstruct the view of the occupants inside nor change the color of the windshield
glass.  Available in a clear 86% ClearTech.  

"It is not free with your replacement, it is an upgraded choice for all
insurance claims.  But you will get addicted to a cooler car."
IR SunShield - Ultra Upgrade

This 86% clear film, 99% UV
radiation, *40% total solar energy
and 90% IR heat rejection.
Turn your Windshield into a IR SunShield
No Fade
$349 Windshield
The next time you need a windshield replacement, demand the best.
IR SunShield - Nano Upgrade

This 69% clear film, 99% UV
radiation, *56% total solar energy
and 97% IR heat rejection.
No Fade
$349 Windshield
from $90 Moon Roof
from $90 Moon Roof
from $30 Moon Roof
IR SunShield - Glare Upgrade

This 49% tinted film, 99% UV
radiation and 41% total solar
$99 Windshield
* On angle testing, adds an additional 6% to TSER performance. Only the 3M Crystalline multi layered nano technology can accomplish this.  Angle testing represents your
glass performace during the hottest part of the day, the afternoon.  As the sun gets hotter, this film performs better, due to its multi layered nano technology.
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