Who We Are.

About Us

We are a company that not only specializes in window tinting, but also in customer service and customer satisfaction. We provide top of the line products with top of the line service.


Our story.

In 2014, we noticed a severe problem; there wasn’t a window film application company in our area or even most of the state that was offering products that performed as advertised. They were offering products that mislead their customers with false statistics. That’s when we decided that SunStop will be different. Our search for the best products began, and we went through all the major brands before finding Hüper Optik, a company that has core values that lined up with ours. After signing on with Hüper Optik, we realized what kind of impact we can make, not only improving the quality of life for our customers but also reduce carbon emissions, indirectly improving the world around us. We hope that you do decide to add window film to any area of your life.

Facts about Huper Optik.

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