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Welcome to autobahn little rock, formerly SunStop. We offer car window tinting services to the Little Rock, Arkansas area. We specialize in all types of window tinting using Hüper Optik and autobahn. Our services include automotive as well as residential and commercial window tinting. Because of our experience, we believe we will provide the best installation, have the most knowledgeable employees, and provide top customer service. In addition we also offer paint protection film, paint correction services, and ceramic coating

Window Tinting
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What We Do

Here at autobahn window tinting, we strive to bring exceptional workmanship to all of our customers. We are always growing our knowledge base to ensure we stay up to date with all industry standards and window film product data. Unlike other window tint shops, we strive to be the best and continually grow towards that goal. 

Automotive Window Tinting

Stay Comfortable

Autobahn and Hüper Optik is a great solution for your vehicle. As a result it will block out heat and damging UV rays.
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Residential Window Tinting

Energy Savings

Hüper Optik Residential window film will enhance your home’s comfort. By reducing the heat and glare. Most importantly, protect your flooring, furnishing, and family from the sun’s UV rays.
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Commercial Window Tinting

Upgraded Protection

Commercial window film is a perfect solution for commercial properties. In short, expect energy savings, increased safety, improved appearance, reduced glare and temperature balance.
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Ceramic Surface Coatings

Perfect Surfaces

Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coat. It has three times the hardness and self cleaning properties.
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Paint Protection Film

Invisible Protection

Protect your vehicle with the most optically clear, and durable paint protection film on the market. The film will protect from Rock chips, road debris, unsightly stains, UV, tar, oil, salt, rocks, and birds.
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Windshield Protection Film

Invisible Protection

Protect your windshield from rocks and road debris.
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We sell a high end product and provide a luxury experience.

The most pristine and reputable shop in and around Little Rock, AR

Why chose us?

Its necessary

We are a team of Window Film Installers that want to break the typical mold of how window film is used. Automotive window tinting should be something that is a neccesity for your vehicle. Not for appearance but for protection and heat rejection. Its an investment that you can expect some return on, either in mpg, comfort, or health. 

No one can compete

All window films are not created equal. We try to educate our customers on the complexity of the different constructions of window film. Because we do this, it helps our customers understand that our competitors products (even though they’re priced the same) can’t even come close to what our products can do. Therefore, it gives our customers the ability to make decisions based on quality and performace not just price.

Our competitors' can't compete!