Frequently Asked Questions

Which service type?

Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive window film is a layered polyester film that is created using various methods and ingredients. We use only the highest grade window film constructed with color stable dyes and industry leading ceramics.

    1. Window tint is installed using a precise method that we here at sunstop have perfected to create perfect installations. It all begins with the prep, this involves covering all door panels and exposed plastics and leathers, we then clean the windows using special solutions and techniques that strip dirt and dust. After the windows pass inspection we install the window film using a water/soap solution. The final step is 3 passes with a firm squeegee, to clear out as much water as possible, then wipe down to make sure the window is spotless.

Automotive Window Tint is ALWAYS installed on the INSIDE of the glass, there are no exceptions to this.

Automotive window tint is much more than a want, it’s a necessity. Protecting your skin should be a high priority for you and your loved ones. Our industry leading products will reduce the cancer causing UV rays from entering your vehicle, and also help reduce the usage of your AC by blocking out the heat causing rays keeping your vehicle cool. It’s an easy way to take the necessary precautions to prevent the unthinkable. 

No, you do not need to clean your windows before your appointment. Our installers will fully clean the inside of your windows during the installation process.

    1. In our Automotive window film lines we carry multiple levels of darkness to suite all of our customers. Starting with 80% (clear), 50%, 45%, 40%, 35%, and 30%. These darknesses are illegal if not applied in the correct circumstances 20%, 15%, and 5%. 
    2. What is the legal darkness that I can put on my vehicle? 

Automotive window tinting laws can be confusing, it’s always good to take a look at your states legal limits for sedans and SUVs.

Most of the time the two types of vehicle have different levels that can be applied to the windows. Heres a link so you can find your states specific tint laws!

We accept walk-ins, however, our appointments take priority. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule an appointment.  If you schedule an appointment we can guarantee completion of the job within 1 hour.

Here at sunstop we want anyone to be able to make an appointment at any time. You can schedule on all of our social media platforms, on our booking page, or by calling us!

The warranty varies depending on which film you purchase. Our most common warranty is our Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty.

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

Films specifically designed for application to architectural glass (residential and commercial) as opposed to automotive window films. Lower absorption rates. Usually higher reflectivity (except for Huper ceramics) and the select line.

To schedule a quote for your home or business, you can call SunStop at 501-708-0903, email, or visit our booking page!

Yes, the quote is free. Unless you are outside of our 50 mile radius, but it is only a small fee if the work is declined.

The quote is good for thirty days. You must confirm an installation appointment within thirty days. If more time is needed to decide we can lock in the price an additional 30 days.

Architectural window tint applied on your home or business solves a myriad of problems. Its most well known property is UV reduction for fade control but it can do so much more. Heat reduction for energy savings, light reduction for glare problems, UV rejection to protect your family, glass breakage control, and privacy. It’s the only product on the market that you can have installed to fix one problem, but really fixes six problems you didn’t even know existed.

We offer both interior and exterior architectural film. Therefore, depending on the situation, we can install film on the inside and outside of the building.

Safety Film clear and is constructed the same way as traditional window film except it’s up to 14 times thicker making it nearly impenetrable. It’s not bulletproof but it is shatter proof. When applied correctly using a window frame anchoring system it can increase the time an intruder comes through the window from 3 seconds up to two minutes. This gives whoever is inside time to escape or call the police. The film alone usually tires the intruder out and detures them from breaking in.

Yes there are. We are proud to be the only dealer in our area that offers Huper optik window films, that can reject up to 54% of the total energy coming through a window and still be virtually clear. We also have the most optically clear films on the market so if you wanted to go with a darker series and reject up to 70% of the total energy you could and will still be able to see like theres no film applied.

The cost of architectural window tint varies. We offer different film options to cater to any budget.

All of our residential customers will receive a lifetime warranty for the window film applied and do have the option to purchase additional warranty that will extend to the actual windows of the home. Our commercial customers will receive a 15 year warranty for the window film applied.

We use the highest performing and longest lasting window film on the market Huper Optik Window Films.

Ceramic Coating

The formulas are molecularly designed for surfaces such as paint, vinyl, polymers, glass and more. Ceramic Pro coatings bond to surfaces at a molecular level, filling in any nano-pores and creating a hydrophobic surface that is impervious to contamination. This makes our products ideal for critical applications across all industries. No other product in the world performs quite like this.

The ceramic coating is applied using a microfiber applicator sponge, after it is wiped onto the paint it is then leveled with a ultra-soft microfiber towel.

Paint correction is the process of removing scratches that are in the clear coat of a vehicles paint. The name of the process can be misleading because we don’t actually correct the paint, we correct the scratched clear coat.

Yes, we will only coat a vehicle if we can give it some amount of paint correction. We do this because once the coating is applied you aren’t able to get any scratches under the coating out unless you wet sand the paint to remove the coating.

We can paint correct any vehicle but we may not be able to get every scratch out depending on the depth of the scratch. Once a scratch is through the clear coat its not correctable. It’s also going to take a lot more labor hours to correct heavily scratched paint.

Ceramic coating will protect your paint against fading, staining, environmental scratching, and some heavy scratching depending on the package. Its most prominent effect is the ease of maintenance and hydrophobic qualities. Meaning washing your vehicle will take a quarter of the time.

The major difference between these two options is going to be rock chips and heavy scratch protection. Paint protection film will protect your paint better in that regard. We recommend to use both products to give your vehicle the ultimate protection. Using Paint protection film on all high impact areas, and then going over the entire car and ppf with ceramic pro to give it additional protection and ease of maintenance.

Yes it does, depending on the level of coating you decide to go with, your warranty can range from 2 years all the way to lifetime. As long as your coating is properly maintained and inspected yearly.

We will need your vehicle for a minimum of two days. Depending on the package of correction and coating this could be up to 4 days.

We only use the best products, thats why we use Ceramic Pro.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection film is a 6mil thick clear film that goes over the paint to protect the surface from rock chips, heavy scratches, stains, fading, bugs, acid rain, bird droppings, and any other substance that can damage paint.

Paint protection film is applied to vehicle with a specific process. We offer an optional paint correction to remove scratches before applying the film, since the product is removable we do require this step. After, we decontaminate the paint removing anything that could cause problems upon installation. The film is precut so no cutting is necessary on the paint. We apply the product with a special solution and then squeegee out any remaining water until all bubbles and solution are gone.

We do recommend that the customers at least goes through a touchless car wash to remove any major dirt or debris. We do charge extra if the vehicle requires a hand wash.

Yes, our PPF comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

It will last the lifetime of the vehicle. We do recommend removing and reapplying any film that may get torn up do to minor fender benders.

We recommend to our customers to use both pff and ceramic coating to give there vehicle the ultimate protection. Targeting the high impact areas with ppf and the non impact areas with ceramic coating. This allows you to get the best protection

If you decline the paint correction we typically take about 1 day to complete the ppf, if paint correction is added we need around 2 days with the vehicle.