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Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive window tinting is somthing we take seriously. Perfection is always what we strive for. Thats why we were named Arkansas’s best automotive window tinting shop. 

We use Autobahn and Huper Optik window films and believe its a great solution for your vehicle. Automotive window tinting will help keep your vehicle private and block out heat and damging UV rays. These damaging UV rays can cause fading and even deadly skin cancers.

Window Tinting

Highest Performing films on the market

Autobahn and Huper Optik Automotive Window Films

Up to

Energy Rejection

Up to

IR Rejection

Interested in window tinting? Look no further.

Looking for a way to stay cool and protected in your vehicle? Look no further! Autobahn Window Tinting has got you covered. We offer a range of options that cater to your needs, whether it’s privacy, UV rejection, or even an impressive 93% IR heat rejection. Check out our three choices below and experience ultimate comfort on the road.


$ $
  • Multi-Layer Dyed
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 99.9% UV Rejection

Autobahn Black Ceramic

$ $$$
  • Ceramic Filtering Layer
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 99.9% UV Rejection
  • 60% IR Rejection
  • Up to 63% Energy Rejection

Autobahn Ceramic I3

$ $$$$
  • Multi-Layer Ceramic
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 99.9% UV Rejection
  • 93% IR Rejection
  • Up to 71% Energy Rejection

FAQ Section: Auto Window Tinting

Automotive window film is a layered polyester film that is created using various methods and ingredients. We use only the highest grade window film constructed with color stable dyes and industry leading ceramics.

Ceramic window film is constructed in the same way as regular window film except there are added layers of invisble ceramic particles that are nonconductive and have the ability to reflect heat out of the vehicle. Cermic window film is then able to keep the car cooler and more comfortable. 

    1. Window tint is installed using a precise method that we here at autobahn have perfected to create perfect installations. It all begins with the prep, this involves covering all door panels and exposed plastics and leathers, we then clean the windows using special solutions and techniques that strip dirt and dust. After the windows pass inspection we install the window film using a water/soap solution. The final step is 3 passes with a firm squeegee, to clear out as much water as possible, then wipe down to make sure the window is spotless.

Automotive Window Tint is ALWAYS installed on the INSIDE of the glass, there are no exceptions to this.

Automotive window tint is much more than a want, it’s a necessity. Protecting your skin should be a high priority for you and your loved ones. Our industry leading products will reduce the cancer causing UV rays from entering your vehicle, and also help reduce the usage of your AC by blocking out the heat causing rays keeping your vehicle cool. It’s an easy way to take the necessary precautions to prevent the unthinkable. 

No, you do not need to clean your windows before your appointment. Our installers will fully clean the inside of your windows during the installation process.

    1. In our Automotive window film lines we carry multiple levels of darkness to suite all of our customers. Starting with 80% (clear), 70% (Clear), 56%, 50%, 40%, and 30%. These darknesses are illegal if not applied in the correct circumstances 20%, 15%, and 5%. 
    2. What is the legal darkness that I can put on my vehicle? 

Automotive window tinting laws can be confusing, it’s always good to take a look at your states legal limits for sedans and SUVs.

Most of the time the two types of vehicle have different levels that can be applied to the windows. Heres a link so you can find your states specific tint laws!

We accept walk-ins, however, our appointments take priority. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule an appointment.  If you schedule an appointment we can guarantee completion of the job within 1.5 hours.

Here at sunstop we want anyone to be able to make an appointment at any time. You can schedule on all of our social media platforms, on our booking page, or by calling us!

Our warranty is our Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty.

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Its necessary

We are a team of Window Film Installers that want to break the typical mold of how window film is used. Automotive window tinting should be something that is a neccesity for your vehicle. Not for appearance but for protection and heat rejection. Its an investment that you can expect some return on, either in mpg, comfort, or health. 

No one can compete

All window films are not created equal. We try to educate our customers on the complexity of the different constructions of window film. Because we do this, it helps our customers understand that our competitors products (even though they’re priced the same) can’t even come close to what our products can do. Therefore, it gives our customers the ability to make decisions based on quality and performace not just price.

Our competitors' can't compete!