Glass Breaks.. Let us help.

Windshield Protection

Glass is something we know a lot about. We deal with it on a daily basis and know how expensive it can be to replace and recalibrate sensors.

That is why we are offering a windshield protection coating that goes on easy and protects against rock chips and broken windshields. 


Increases Impact Resistance
Up To 80%

Stop chips and cracks before they happen.

nanoShield Windshield Protection

Once applied, nanoShield penetrates the glass surface and identifies and repairs the inherent microscopic flaws and defects that are a natural part of every piece of glass.

Left untreated, those inherent defects weaken the glass structure and ultimately result in failure (cracking or breaking) of the glass.

nanoShield solution covalently bonds to and repairs those flaws and defects and reinforces the strength of the glass.

nanoShield is NOT a Window Film

It is a liquid chemical solution that once applied, dries to an invisible finish to help protect a windshield from chips and cracks.

It does not alter the look, clarity, reflectivity, or light transmission of the windshield.

In addition, it has a hydrophobic (water repellent) quality that helps water to bead up and run-off to improve driver visibility in wet weather conditions.


$ 199
  • Rock Chip Ressitant
  • Increases driver visibility
  • Extremely Hydrophobic
  • Rock Chip repair up to $100
  • Covers replacement cost up to $500
  • 1 Year / 50,000 mile warranty

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